F4D # 68734

        Delivered to the  523 TFS,  Clark AFB, Sunday, 26 Nov 1967 under call sign Carve 21, by Col. D. "Jim" Karnezis, USAF, FR12740, DO, 836 Air Division,  MacDill AFB, Fla.

        This aircraft has two Scotchcal decals placed in the center of the white star of the Air Force insignia on each side of the fuselage.  One was placed on the port side at McClellan AFB, Calif on departure for Town Car  # 54.  After a starboard engine overheat on take off from Anderson AFB, Guam and subsequent abort, the second decal was placed on the starboard side.

        These decals depict the insignia of the Sovereign and Imperial Order of St. Constantine the Great, 312 AD, one of the oldest Christian Orders of Knighthood, devoted to Chivalry and Brotherhood and having no political aims.

        The insignia depicts the fundamental Constantinian Greek Christian Cross with the monogram of Christ [The Monogram of Christ, revealed to Constantine the Great who adopted it as a unifying symbol of his troops, displaying it on their armor; and thence, proceeding to subsequent achievements that led to the founding of the Empire of New Rome or Byzantium.] at its center. The crown at the top is the ecclesiastical headpiece of a Bishop.  The letters E, T, N on the cross are the first letters of the three word motto of the Order as written in Greek: EN TOY'l'Ω NlKA which means: “In this sign thou shall conquer.”  The motto also appears in historical documentation in Latin as follows: IN HOC SIGNO VINCES.  Basically, the insignia represents the fiery cross witnessed by Constantine the Great as it appeared in the sky prior to his engagement in battle with Maxencius in 312 AD and hearing the voice of the Lord stating the Greek motto.  Constantine’s subsequent defeat of Maxentius made him Emperor of Rome.  Emperor Constantine there after transferred the seat of the Roman Empire from Rome to Byzantium (Constantinople) and established Christianity as the Recognized religion of the Roman Empire (324 AD).


        The letters A and Ω on either side of the monogram of Christ depict the “Alpha and Omega” idiom spoken by Christ.



        As a Knight Commander in the Order of St. Constantine the Great, I took the liberty of attaching these insignia on this aircraft in the spirit of Brotherhood so aptly portrayed by Tactical Fighter Pilots and as symbolic of faith and protection over a long and arduous overwater flight of six F4D’s and three KC135 tankers.


        I request that these decals be left in place and may any and all who fly this bird always have the protection of the Lord.



                                                                                                                            Col. D. Karnezis, FR12740
                                                                                                                            D.O. 836th Air Div
                                                                                                                            MacDill AFB, Fla. 33608

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