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Statue of Constantine the Great in York, England where he was proclaimed Emperor by his troops in A.D. 306. Founder of the Empire of New Rome or Byzantium.

Statue of

Statue erected on the grounds of the magnificent Minster in the city of York, England.  York's ancient name  was Eboracum, the capital of Roman England, where Constantine was proclaimed Emperor in 306 A.D.
York still retains its unique attraction and is very popular among the English as well as thousands of foreign visitors.
(See related history)

The Anglican Church Celebrates 1700 Years of History

    Memorial festivities lasting three days took place in York, England in honor of Constantine the Great.  This marked the 1700th Anniversary  of July 25, 306 A.D. when Constantine  was proclaimed by his troops Emperor of the Western sector of the Roman Empire   Dean Keith Jones of the Church in York conducted services in the city’s Cathedral, which were followed by a majestic processional and other triumphal events.  He declared that, “Here, in this Cathedral, we are celebrating an event of the highest significance.”  The theme of the celebration was Constantine and the Roman World.  Also in attendance was the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira and of Great Britain.

    Commentary has arisen that the event should produce serious concerns in a major way about the leaders of the European Union.  Despite all historical and cultural reality, they have denied – and continue to deny – the Christian underpinning of European civilization: and this, at a moment when they are ascertaining the uncommonness and externality of the Islamic world.  The question begs, why so much denial of the Christian civilization?

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Visit to Greece of the
 Byzantine Prince
Ioannis Lascaris Comnenus
April 7-15, 2002

Επίσκεψη στήν Ελλάδα
Βυζαντινού Πρίγκηπα
Ιωάννη Λάσκαρι Κομνηνού

 Απρίλιος 7-15, 2002

Πολύμερη επίσκεψη στήν Ελλάδα πραγματοποίησε ο τελευταίος απόγονος τής Αυτοκρατορικής Βυζαντινής Οικογενείας τών Λασκαρέων τής Νικαίας καί Κομνηνών τής Τραπεζούνντος Πρίγκηψ Ιωάννης Αρκάδιος Λάσκαρις Κομνηνός.

A several day visit to Greece was made by the last descendant of the Imperial Byzantine Family of the Lascaris of Nicaea and the Comneni of Trebizond, Prince Ioannis Arcadios Laskaris Comnenos.

CHRISTODOULOS (d. Jan. 28, 2008)

Award of the Grand Cross to His Beatitude
by His Highness

(Photo: S. Pardalaki)

Απονομή του Μεγαλόσταυρου στον 
Μακαριώτατο από τόν Υψηλότατο
(Φωτό: Σ. Παρδαλάκη)

Epikairotita [Current Times]: Column of ORTHODOXY
 L24/June 2002 (Page 24)
Επικαιρότητα: Στύλος ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΙΑΣ Φ24/Ιούνιος 2002 (Σελίς 24


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Celebration of the 55th Anniversary of the

and the 80th Birthday of  H.I.R.H. Prince JUAN ARCADIO LASCARIS COMNENUS
Athens, Greece
March 18, 2006
Hosted under the direction of

Reunion of Prince Juan Arcadio Lascaris Comnenus with the Grand Duke of Hesperia Dr. Mark A. C. Karras in Athens, Greece on the occasion of the Eightieth Birthday of the Prince.
Reunion at Commencement of Festivities.
(From the right) H. I. and R. H. Prince Juan Arcadio in an enthusiastic reunion
with Honorary Counselor of the  Supreme Grand Council of the Order of
Saint Eugene of Trebizond, Dr.Mark Athanasios C. Karras.
(Right background ) Prayerful devotions offered by H.G. Bishop Eirineos of Patara
[geographic location in proximity of Mira in Asia Minor] with the participation of a large number
of guests, including many Ladies and Knights of the Order in Greece and from abroad.

Solemn ceremony commemorating the School of Christianity of Constantinople on the occasion of the 55th Anniversary of the International Philo Byzantine Academy.
Moments of Solemnity
(From the right) His Excellency Baron Tonis Breidel Hadjidemetriou
Exarch of Greece and Cyprus
Order of Saint Eugene of Trebizond
and Dr. Karras, Grand Collar of the Order, during the  invocation
prior to bestowal of awards and distinctions.

Honorary Supreme Court President and former Prime Minister of Greece, Ioannis Grivas and Dr. Mark A. C. Karras, Athens, Greece.
(From the left)
His Excellency Ioannis Grivas (former) Prime Minister of Greece
Honorary President of Areios Pagos [Supreme Court
 and Dr. Mark A. C. Karras, House Delegate.

Celebration of the 80th Birthday of Prince Juan Arcadio Lascaris Comnenus in the company of Princess Maria Isabel, the former Prime Minister of Greece, Patriarchal Emissaries of Constantinople, and the Grand Duke of Hesperia.
Prince Juan Arcadio and Princess María Isabel
and company at the Gala event celebrating the Prince’s Eightieth Birthday.
(Next to the Prince) former Prime Minister Ioannis Grivas; (far right) Dr. Karras;
(next to the Princess) Archon Kastrinsios Theoharis M. Probatakis
and (far left) Archon Hagiogarphos Ioannis Mitrakas, Envoys  of the
Patriarchal See of Constantinople.

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Princess Maria Eugenia Isabel and Princess Helena Isabel Eirene Lascaris Comnenus were awarded the Spanish Order of Charles V at the Alcazar of Segovia.
Princess Maria Eugenia Isabel
    Princess Helena Isabel Eirene
Spanish Order of Charles V
was awarded to both Princesses in November 2006
at the
Alcázar of Segovia, Spain.
(see also)


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Prince Eugene III Lascaris Comnenus and House Delegate Dr. Mark A. C. Karras in Athens, Greece on the occasion of the 550th Year of the Fall of Constantinople.
Of historical significance is the fact that on the 550th Year
since the Fall of the  Reigning City (Βασιλεύουσα) of the
Greco-Roman Empire in 1453, a Byzantine Imperial
Constantinian Prince is present in Greece to commemorate the
event and to rekindle the memory -- as well must be -- of the
entire Western World today.

In the above photograph [left] appears
Heir Apparent of The HOUSE of LASCARIS  COMNENUS
wearing The Constantinian Insignia in representation of the
Ruling Head of The Order of Saint Constantine The Great and Saint Helen
and of the Dynastic House

[Right] Dr. Mark Athanasios C. Karras, Delegate of The House of Lascaris Comnenus.


A Commemorative Dinner that recalled the Event
included the bestowal of Eugenian  Awards,
speeches, dancing, and an enthusiastic outpouring in support
of the historic and inimitable Hellenistic Byzantium.

Gala Dinner on the occasion of the 550th Year of the Fall of Constantinople.
House of Lascaris Comnenus Delegation table:
[seated center to left]
H. E. Syamsudin Sidabutar, Minister Counsellor,
Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia and Madame Sidabutar;
Dame Panayota Papadopoulou, Medal of Merit, O.E.Tr., Gold Cross of
S.S. Demetrius and Paul, Metropolis of Tripolis in the Peloponnesus, and
eminent member of the Ladies' Division of the New Circle of Constantinopolitans;
[Center to right] Lady Evangeline Victoria, Grand Duchess of Hesperia; and,
Dr. Karras.

(Summary of events)

Accompanied by the House Delegate, an enthralling, emotional, and unforgettable visit was made
to the ACROPOLIS by H. I. R. H. Prince EUGENE III and his Sister, the Princess ZOE.

Prince Eugene III and Dr. Karras at the Parthenon.

Princess Zoe Lascaris Comnenus visits the Acropolis and the Erechtheion.

                      The PARTHENON                                              The ERECHTHEION

Prince Eugene III and Princess Zoe Lascaris Comnenus at the Acropolis overlooking the Thesseion.

Prince Eugene III Lascaris Comnenus and Dr. Mark A. C. Karras at the Acropolis in sight of the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

             The THESSEION (upper center)                       The ODEON of HERODES  ATTICUS
                Temple of HEPHAESTUS                             and in distance FILOPAPOU Monument
                                                                                       on  Hill of the MUSES:  at first three
                                                                                              and later nine--PIERIDES

View of the Acropolis and Lykabettus Hill in the background in Athens.
The above dramatic view of The ACROPOLIS is a reminder that every person
should aspire toward, if not achieve, at least one visit to Greece in one's lifetime.
(Lykabettus Hill in right background)

It is the experience of this Host that The
OLYMPIC  TOWER, 645  FIFTH  AVENUE,  NEW  YORK,  N.Y. 10022 (with complete list of links about Greece}
makes every effort to render the suggested pilgrimage a memorable one.

precision  marching  evzone
guards  the
Tomb  of  the unknown  soldier
Precision marching Evzone guards the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier in Athens at Syntagma Square.

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The following excerpt demonstrates the historic
relationship between the Patriarchate of Jerusalem
and the House of Lascaris Comnenus.



"His Imperial Highness
The Prince John Arcadius Lascaris Comnene
Apartado 818
28080 Madrid, Spain

"Your Highness,

    "We were indeed very pleased to receive during the Orthodox Easter from H. E. James Economides, Grand Cross of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, the diploma of the Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Eugene of Trebizond, which Your Highness was kind to bestow on Us. We wish to express our Patriarchal thanks for the honour made to Our Patriarchate.

    "We sincerely believe that, when peace and quiet will prevail again in this troubled part of the world, where our Lord Jesus Christ set foot, Your Highness will come to see the Holy Land, leading a delegation of Officials and Knights of the Order of Saint Eugene of Trebizond, to pay respects to the Holy Sepulchre and to enable us to reciprocate the honour.

    "Your Highness and your delegation will also have the opportunity to realize the difficult conditions under which children of all Christian denominations, as well as Muslims, live. . . .

   " We Pray to Almighty God to bestow on Your Highness and to the Knights of Saint Eugene of Trebizond His Grace for good health and for the achievement of your noble goals.

    "With Our Patriarchal blessing for full success in your endeavors for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and to the benefit of His beloved children, We remain,


Tuesday, August 6, 2002 "

[NOTE: Promised reciprocation was fulfilled in 2003.  See "summary of events."]

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Yet another scheme of forced social engineering in the
quest to homogenize and thus to eradicate unique
cultural and idiosyncratic characteristics

is an attempt [fruitless] to   

De-Hellenize the Greek People

A serious move is afoot in Greece bent on the disorientation and eventual obliteration of Hellenic consciousness.  The starting tool is a proposed high school history book to be inserted into the curriculum.  Omissions and restatements of historical facts are designed to deny the youth of a complete and sincere knowledge and understanding of their heritage, identity, and destiny.

The book has come under fire from various sources, including the Orthodox Church of Greece, for various departures from the version of events traditionally taught in Greek schools concerning, for example, Greece's war of independence against the rule of Ottoman Turks and the 1922 Asia Minor war.  Among other departures is also the role of the Greek Church in preserving the Greek language during the Ottoman occupation, and the treatment of other heroic figures of the revolution.  Accused as well is the skimming over of the massacre of Asia Minor Greeks by the Turks in Izmir.

NOTE: Greeks by their own free will  traditionally and for many centuries have done very well in assimilating with other cultures.  This attribute must be left untouched.  It is unnecessary and destructive to attempt to impose this.  The result will be the opposite, as by nature Greeks are disputatious, exigent, independent and self-motivated.

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Ancient  and  Revered
Relations  Endure:

The HOUSE of
Lascaris Comnenus
hosted in KIEV
His Beatitude
H. B. Patriarch Filaretos of Kiev and all Russo-Ukraine.

H. B. Patriarch

On August 30, 2003 Patriarch Filaretos, upon his official invitation, received and hosted at his Patriarchal Residence in Kiev H.I.R.H. Prince Juan Arcadio of the Byzantine Imperial House of Lascaris Comnenus of Constantinople.  The Prince was accompanied by his spouse, Princess Maria-Isabel, and two daughters, the Princesses, Maria Eugenia and Helena Isabel.

This momentous event accentuates the lasting, unbreakable, and revered ties between Constantinople and the Russo-Ukrainian people.  Cyril and Methodius initiated this profound relationship in terms of culture and of the Christian Faith, which was galvanized near 988 A.D. with the Baptism of the Grand Prince Vladimir and with his official  recognition of Christianity.  The center of influence shifted over from its starting place in Kiev  to Moscow.  In 1589, during the term of Ieremias II, Moscow was granted Patriarchal status by Constantinople.  The act was confirmed in 1593 by decision of the great Synod in Constantinople that comprised the Patriarchs of Constantinople, Jerusalem, Antioch, and Alexandria and many Metropolitans.

Patriarch Filaretos [in the world, Mykhailo Antonovych Denysenko], was born on January 23, 1929 in Blahodante, Amvrosiika District, Dobetsk Oblast.  He studied at he Odessa Seminary and thereafter entered the Moscow Theological Academy and was ordained by the Patriarch of Moscow.  He served in various high ecclesiastical posts and participated in a great number of congresses and conferences with particular emphasis on world peace.  He was elevated to the office of Metropolitan on February 25, 1968 by Patriarch Alexis.

In October 1995 he was elected


Patriarch FILARETOS is loved and respected by the people for his worthiness, intelligence, and great goodness.


Important highlights of the visit to Kiev include, the Cathedral of Saint Michael; the Theological Academy; the Kiev Pechersk Lavra [Monastery] that is situated on the banks of the Dnieper and includes the famous Catacombs; the Vydubytsky Monastery that was founded in 988 by Prince Vsevolod Yaroislavych; a cruise of the Dnieper; the Ethnographic and Cultural Museum in the township of Pyrohovo with healing waters; the commercial center; the town of Skvyra, located about one hundred kilometers from Kiev, which boasts the youngest [age 22] Mayor in Europe, Hon. Yevgeniy Suslov; and, the Church of Saint Eugene that is nearing completion and to whose forthcoming dedication the Order is invited.


On the occasion of the visit, the Prince was awarded the following distinction:



September 4, 2003                                                             No. 776


For His Great Labor in Favor of the Christian Faith and of the
Ukrainian Orthodox Church
We award to Prince Juan Arcadio Lascaris Comnenus
the Order of
Rivnoapostolnogo Prince Vladimir The Great
in Grade III

[Seal]                                  FILARETOS
                                               PATRIARCH OF KIEV
                                            AND OF ALL RUSSO-UKRAINE


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Awarded by
of  The



Constantinian Knight Commander
Count of Lopadion [Byzantine]

is awarded the Constantinian Grand Cross
The United States has awarded him
The Legion of Merit and a Purple Heart

Legion of Merit awarded to Col. Demetrios Karnezis, USAF.
Col. Demetrios  Karnezis (right)
receives The LEGION OF MERIT 


Lieutenant Colonel Demetrios. Karnezis distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service to the United States while assigned to the Bases and Units Division, Directorate of Aerospace Programs, Deputy Chief of Staff, Programs and Resources, Headquarters, United States Air Force, from 19 August 1963 to 10 March 1967.  His primary duty as Air Staff Operations Officer, performing as the Department of the Air Force authority on priorities, has been unique, of special depth, and vital in importance to the United States Air Force.  His soundness of judgment and clarity of analysis in relating operational needs, new concepts, and requirements to an order of importance, and his ability to relate these rapidly changing programs and requirements to the political, military, or combat atmosphere constituted a vital contribution to the expeditious buildup of combat capabilities and the enhancement of the Air Force tactical image in an actual combat role.  His outstanding professional capabilities and comprehensive knowledge of the innumerable features and effects of the United States Air Force Priorities System serve to identify Col. Karnezis as an exemplary officer.  The superior initiative, outstanding leadership, and personal endeavor displayed by Colonel Karnezis reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

[In the last several years, with the rank of Colonel and as a Command Pilot, Col. Karnezis brought to an end his eventful and meritorious Air Force career.  He had logged in excess of 5000 hours flying time, of which 2000 hours involved jet fighter aircraft: His prolific aircraft flying experience includes the B-17, B-25, B-26, B-51, T-33, F-94, F-84, F-86, and the F-4.  Moreover, as an exchange officer with RAF, he flew the Provost, Vampire, Meteor, Varsity, Anson and Hawker Hunter aircraft.
He has served as Project Officer in charge of Development of a Laser Guided Bomb Delivery System.]



Purple Heart

Col. Demetrios Karnezis, USAF, Legion of Merit and Purple Heart.
Col. Demetrios Karnezis

Demetrios (Jim) Karnezis was born 25 September 1921 in Norfolk, Virginia. While attending college at the William and Mary and VPI Norfolk Division, he applied for the US Army Aviation Cadet Program, and became a US Army Air Force Aviation Cadet on 9 March 1942. A rated and commissioned lieutenant upon graduation, his first assignment was B-17 flying transition at Gowen Army Air Field, Boise, Idaho. After joining the 388th Bomb Group at Wendover Army Air Field, Utah, he was assigned to the Eighth Air Force, United Kingdom in May 1943 as a
B-17 aircraft commander.

His aircraft was shot down by Focke Wulf 190's over enemy occupied France on 6 September 1943. With an engine out, severed control cables and on fire internally, the aircraft was out of control. This forced the remaining crewmembers to bailout. During their parachute descent, fighters strafed them. Lieutenant Karnezis and his copilot, escaped. Colonel Karnezis still bears burn scars that he received during the aircraft fire. He successfully evaded capture and through the help of the French Underground returned to England on 27 October 1943.

Lieutenant Kamezis continued his career, serving in such capacities as Communications Officer, flying instructor, Advisor to Royal Hellenic Air Force Academy, Base Operations Officer and Squadron Commander. He also served in the USAF - RAF Exchange Program as an Operations Staff Officer. In returning from his Exchange Program and carrying on as a seasoned officer Karnezis continued through positions as Aircraft Operations Officer and Chief of Operations. He worked in the USAF Head Quarters position of Operations Staff Officer (Bases and Units Div.) and HQ Alaskan Air Command as the Director of Operations, Plans and Exercises.

Col Karnezis retired from the Air Force in 1972, and worked for Lockheed and as an instructor at Sacramento City College.

More captivating reading follows:

1.  Col. D. (Jim) Karnezis' dramatic debriefing re his crew and his own E&E (Escape and Evasion)the disastrous
      bombing air raid of Stuttgart, Germany on September 6, 1943
known as Black Monday.

2. An invitation to Col. Karnezis by the Mayor of Champigny, France to a 50-year memorial celebration.

3.  US Military aircraft carries attached the Constantinian Cross (by Col. Karnezis).



The historic US Constabulary (1946-1952): America's role to preserve culture, civility, and order.

(Condensed review)



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Three Prominent American Physicians
receive the Grand Cross of the
Order  of  Saint  Constantine  the  Great
of the historical
House  of  Lascaris  Comnenus of  Constantinople

The awards were granted on the basis of their contribution and leadership in the field of Medicine and for their humanitarian assistance, for public service, and for personal merit.

Thomas A. Quigley III, M.D., Grand Cross Saint Constantine the Great.
Board Certified
American Academy of Ophthalmology
Pioneer in painless, no-stitch topical cataract surgery and eminent
healer of a  prolific number of patients from home and abroad.

Robert L. Avery, M.D., Grand Cross Saint Constantine the Great.
Board Certified
American Academy of Ophthalmology
Leader of multiple national projects in frontline ocular
research and foremost in the healing of eye diseases.

Alexander M. Eaton, M.D., Grand Cross Saint Constantine the Great.
Board Certified
American Academy of Ophthalmology
Inventor and innovator of medical instruments and
materials and principal in the healing of eye diseases.


Dr. Robert L. Avery is referenced twice
in  the published review highlighted in the following abstract:

"Bevacizumab, a new way of doing business?
"This review highlights the history of the development of treatments for choroidal neovascularization (wct AMD). It examines how drug therapies have evolved for the management of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and the value of randomised clinical trials in determining efficacy. Finally it examines the emerging practice of utilising bevacizumab for the treatment of choroidal neovascularization despite the lack of any phase III clinical trial data"

Reproduced by permission from MacMillan Publishers Ltd: Eye,
"Bevacizumab, a new way of doing business?"
Copyright © 2006.

[Eye is the official journal of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists]
Abstract through courtesy of Nature Publishing Group (NPG) at

Meet the Doctors:


Dr. Quigley has founded, owns and operates five Clinics plus a Surgical Center in Southwest Florida under the name:


The Clinics are located as follows:

6091 South Pointe Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33919
Tel.: (239) 466-2020 Fax: (239) 466-1199


675 Piper Blvd., Naples, FL 34110
Tel.: (239) 594-7636 Fax: (239) 594-7553


1138 Country Club Blvd., Cape Coral, FL 33990
Tel.: (239) 458-5800 • Fax: (239) 458-7881


2811 Tamiami Trail, I, Port Charlotte, FL 33952
Tel.: (239) 766-7474 • Fax: (239) 766-9111


3940 Via Del Rey, Bonita Springs, FL 34134
Tel.: (239) 992-5666 Fax: (239) 466-1199

ST. JOHN'S Surgical Center is located in Fort Myers and is reserved by Dr. Quigley for surgical purposes only.  St. John's is much less expensive for patients than in a hospital setting.

It is important to note that Dr. Quigley's revolutionary no-stitch cataract procedure involves no needles, no patches, no stitches and no pain.

He is a pioneer in bringing painless, no-stitch, topical anesthesia cataract surgery to his patients. Patients can resume most normal activities immediately following the procedure.  Dr. Quigley's medical team has focused its practices on meeting the eye care needs of older adults.  This focus and commitment has enabled the team to achieve a great depth of experience to completely handle many different kinds of eye problems often associated with aging including cataracts, glaucoma and retina problems.  Patients of Dr. Quigley recommend him to others who live thousands of miles from Florida.
Dr. Quigley has shown special commitment to eye care by establishing in 1995 the free cataract surgery program that has helped hundreds of individuals unable to afford needed surgery.

Dr. Quigley performs more topical cataract surgeries than almost any Eye Surgeon in the country.

Dr. Quigley is Board Certified, American Academy of  Ophthalmology.  He received a degree in Medicine from the University of Mississippi, Magna Cum Laude, 1984.  He completed his surgery training in ophthalmology at the highly regarded Louisiana State University.


¤ ¤ ¤ ¤


Dr. Avery is a co-Founder of the California Retina Research Foundation

and the principal investigator for several national clinical trials being conducted by the

Foundation  at



Patients are received at six different locations as follows:
(Staff is fluent in Spanish)


   515 E. Micheltorena, Suite C  [Central Administration]
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
 Tel.: (805) 963-1648  Fax: (805) 965-5214 

116 S. Palisade Dr., Suite 102
Santa Maria, CA 93454
Tel.: (805) 922.2068


1801 N. Solar Drive, Suite 145
Oxnard. CA  93030
Tel.: (805) 983-8808

 5329 Office Center Ct., Ste. 120
Bakersfield, CA 93309
Tel.: (661) 325-4393


23861 McBean Pkwy, Suite E28
Valencia, CA 91355
Tel.: (661) 253-2939

1505West Avenue J , Suite 303
Lancaster, CA 93534
Tel.: (661) 951-9519

The California Retina Research Foundation (CRRF) [] is a non-profit organization based in Santa Barbara and devoted to the prevention of blindness through the advancement of research in vitreoretinal diseases.  The Foundation promotes research, both laboratory and clinical, that demonstrates the potential for establishing new treatments intended for patients with retinal disease.  It also promotes charity care for individuals suffering from retinal disease without resources to pay for medical services.  CRRF supports the dissemination of information concerning retinal diseases to the medical and non-medical community.

The CRRF is funded through the generosity of interested individuals.  Donations may be submitted to California Retina Research Foundation at 515 E. MJcheltorena Street, Suite G, Santa Barbara, CA 93103.




One mission of our practice is to provide patients the opportunity to participate locally in national clinical trials of new treatments for severe retinal diseases.  Drs. Avery, Nasir, Pieramici, and Castellarin have been recognized for their involvement in numerous national and international clinical trials of novel treatments for complications of diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, retinal detachments, and ocular injuries.

In conjunction with the California Retina Research Foundation, the Neuroscience

Research Institute of the University of California at Santa Barbara, and the National Eye

Institute, the doctors continue to explore the causes and cures for serious retinal diseases.





Dr. Avery received his medical degree from Johns Hopkins University and took his ophthalmology training there at the highly regarded Wilmer Eye Institute.  He completed a vitreoretinal fellowship at Duke University with Dr. Robert Macherner, who invented the first vitrectomy machine and is considered the father of modem vitreous surgery.

Dr. Avery returned to Johns Hopkins as Assistant Chief of Service and head of the trauma unit.  He has received numerous honors and awards, including the Heed Fellowship, and was the first recipient of the prestigious Ronald G. Michels Fellowship Award for his contribution to vitreous surgery.

Dr. Avery is an examiner for the American Board of Ophthalmology and a member of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology.  He is the principal investigator for five national clinical trials currently ongoing at California Retina Consultants.  His research interests include macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and surgery for complex vitreoretinal conditions.  He has published numerous articles on these subjects in journals such as Ophthalmology, Retina, The New England Journal of Medicine, Ophthalmic Surgery and Archives of Ophthalmology.  His basic science research continues at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he holds an appointment in the Neuroscience Research Institute.


¤ ¤ ¤ ¤


Dr. Eaton is highly skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of retina problems and has practiced ophthalmology in Southwest Florida for more than nine years.
Dr. Eaton is Founder and Medical Director of


The Center is located at 1567 Hayley Lane, Fort Myers, FL 33907
 [See directions below]
Tel.: (239) 337-3337 • Fax: (239) 274-6610

Dr. Eaton holds a number of patents on surgical devices he invented to make surgery safer and more effective. He was the first person in Southwest Florida to perform sutureless vitreous surgery.  He has been featured in the New York Times on numerous occasions, and authored a book See Again! Reversing and Preventing Macular Degeneration published by a Random House Company.  He is active in new studies of emerging treatments for macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other retinal problems.  Most recently, he started AMD Labs, a company designed to make more affordable and easier to take vitamins for the prevention of macular degeneration

Dr. Eaton was appointed to the
Diabetes Advisory Council, State of Florida
by Governor Jeb Bush.

He is Principal Investigator  for:
Miravant Medical Technologies Protocol SnET2-98EA004
Apheresis Technologies, Inc., Membrane differential filtration
Advanced Corneal Systems Vitrase study
Lilly Study of Oral Protein Kinase C Inhibitor
Eyetech Pharmaceuticals anti-VEGF pegylated aptamer

Dr. Eaton is Board Certified, American Academy of  Ophthalmology.  He received his undergraduate and medical education,  Magna Cum Laude,  at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, wherein also transpired his Chief Residency and Retina Fellowship.  His internship was at Lenox Hill Hospital and his residency  at The Edward Harkness Eye Institute, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center -- both in New York City.

Other awards and honors include IBM Ideas Award; World Eye Bank and Visual Research Foundation's Fellowship; Appreciation Award for Outstanding and Dedicated Service to Patients, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center; Heed Fellowship.


Directions from I-75
Take exit 136 (Colonial Blvd), west. After you go over the railroad tracks, the next major intersection is Fowler Road. Turn left onto Fowler. Continue on Fowler and cross U.S. Route 41 to Summerlin Road. Fowler becomes Boy Scout Drive after U.S. 41. At Summerlin Road, turn right and then make a right after the Mobil Station onto Hayley Lane. Take the first left into Retina Health Center, the two-story yellow and white building.

Directions from U.S. Route 41
If you are traveling north, when you see the Page Field Airport on the right, the next major intersection is Boy Scout Road. Turn left onto Boy Scout and continue to Summerlin Road. At Summerlin Road, turn right and then make a right after the Mobil Station onto Hayley Lane. Take the first left into Retina Health Center, the two-story yellow and white building.

If you are traveling south on US 41, when you see Page Field Commons on the left and Sam's Plaza on the right, the next major intersection is Boy Scout Road. Turn right onto Boy Scout Road and continue to Summerlin Road. At Summerlin Road, turn right and then make a right after the Mobil Station onto Hayley Lane. Take the first left into Retina Health Center, the two-story yellow and white building.

Directions from Cape Coral
Take the Midpoint Bridge. After coming off the bridge, the first major intersection is Summerlin Road. Turn right onto Summerlin Road. After the road curves to the left you will see Retina Health Center on the left. It is the large two-story yellow and white building just before the Mobil Station. Get into the left turn lane and turn left onto Hayley Lane. Turn left into the Retina Health Center.

Directions to the offfice of Dr. Alexander M. Eaton.




Constantinian Knight Commander Aristotle Ares conveys the Constantinian Commander Cross to Artist Jesus Maria del Rincon.
Constantinian Knight Commander Aristotle Ares (right) awards the
Commander's Cross to Jes
ús María Del Rincón in the name of
 H.I. and R.H. Theodore IX Lascaris Comnenus

Commander Ares for several decades a distinguished member of the Traffic and Engineering
Department and a prominent presence at the Mayoralty of the City of Miami Beach, Florida.

Commander Del Rincón is a prominent Artist whose creative and subliminal works
also include powerful and dramatic portraits of eminent world personalitie
He descends from
Del Rincón whose art works appear in the Madrid Museum.


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The American Flag


The Greek Flag

    "Former Archbishop Iakovos of North and South America [Greek Orthodox Church] called the terrorist attack a 'demonic act' . . . . He went on to say , .  . . there is organized violence that goes back many centuries since the Persian Wars when the Anatolian people were trying to destroy Christendom and the 'white' race."
(Source: Kalmoukos, Theodore. "Iakovos: Attack Was a Demonic Act." National Herald, September 22-23, 2001, p. 1).


Condolences and Support
to the People of the  
United States of America

on the occasion of the atrocity of
Tuesday, September 11, 2001

The American Flag


The British Flag

The following letter is from the 
Constantinian Commander Craig Barclay.

The author describes the serious loss that English friends have suffered for the sake of helping their American counterparts.
(See also important note below)
In a separate instance, he describes an unrelated case of abject vandalism. 

    "Since then [September 11, 2001], there have been many church-based and other memorial and fundraising events held in York to support the families of those who lost their lives. There is huge sympathy in Britain for our friends in the USA.

    "York fire-fighters have been collecting money from the public, and yesterday handed over a cheque for the sum of £42,000 [apprx. $62,000] to aid the families of their colleagues in New York.  Unbelievably, whilst the presentation was taking place, thieves broke into the fire station and stole wallets personal belongings from the fire-fighters attending the ceremony! Such behaviour shames us all.

    "I am also sorry to say that our beautiful statue of Constantine was recently vandalised by anti-Christian graffiti.  There was great public outrage, and the Minster authorities quickly ensured that it was fully cleaned and restored. The vandal was happily caught, and now awaits trial.

    "I hope that . . . life is beginning to return to normal in America. The thoughts of the British people are very much with you, and I wish you the very best in these trying times.


IMPORTANT: The above writer has communicated additional information regarding the noble
                              people of Yorkshire: 

    "I am delighted to say that the funds raised throughout Yorkshire to support the bereaved in the USA are now nearing £100,000."



 Americans share in the pain and anguish suffered by the
people of Spain under the scourge of wanton terrorism.


Condolences and Support
to the People of the  
United States of America
on the occasion of the atrocity of
Tuesday, September 11, 2001

The American Flag


The Spanish Flag


Grand Seneschal's message of September 12, 2001
dispatched to the American Delegate  
for all the Members  of the North American Exarchate 

of the 

Prof. Don Gonzalo de Porras y R. de Leon , Col. Royal Artillery, Spanish Army and Dr. Mark A. C. Karas during the Eugenian Gala in 2001 at the Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens, Greece.
(From the right) H. E. Prof. Don Gonzalo de Porras y R. de León,
Colonel of Royal Artillery, Spanish Army
(see Author), Grand Seneschal, Order of
Saint Eugene of Trebizond and Dr. Mark Athanasios C. Karras, American Delegate.


(Translation follows the original Spanish E-mail message)

Mi muy querido Hermano y amigo:

    En nombre de S.A.I. y R. El Príncipe Gran Maestre y del conjunto de miembros de nuestra Orden en todo el mundo, tengo el penoso deber de comunicarte nuestras más sentidas condolencias por la muerte de tantos buenos Norteamericanos, que han caído victimas de la barbarie integrista islámica en el cobarde ataque sufrido en Washington y New York en la mañana del día 11 pasado.

    Puedo asegurarte que, a pesar de mis muchos años y todo lo que en mi larga vida he tenido que ver, al contemplar la barbarie de la que erais objeto y las imágenes dantescas transmitidas por la Televisión, no he podido menos que llorar.

    En cualquier forma pedimos a Dios que acoja en Su Seno a las personas muertas por el ataque terrorista y que os dé fuerzas para seguir adelante. ¡ Animo hermanos, que Dios os ayudará y os dará la victoria sobre vuestros enemigos, que también lo son nuestros y de la libertad y la democracia!.

    De nuevo querido amigo y hermano, recibe junto con todo nuestro cariño y respeto, la certeza de nuestro dolor y de nuestras oraciones por las almas de tus compatriotas y por la fortaleza y prosperidad de los Estados Unidos de América.

Un fuerte abrazo y ¡animo y adelante!

Gonzalo de Porras


My very dear Brother and friend:

    In the name of H. I. y R. H. the Prince Grand Master and of the entirety of the members of our Order throughout the world, I have the painful duty to communicate to you our most felt condolences for the death of so many good North Americans who have fallen victims to the Islamic partisan barbarity in the cowardly attack suffered in Washington and New York in the morning of the eleventh past.

    I can assure you that, despite my many years and all that I had to witness in my long life, upon contemplating the barbarity to which you were subjected and the Dantesque images transmitted on television, I could do none less than to cry.

    In all instances we supplicate to God to gather to His Bosom those persons dead by the terrorist attack and to give you strength to continue ahead.  Courage brothers, that God will help you and will give you the victory over your enemies, who likewise they are to us and to liberty and democracy!

    Again dear friend and brother, receive together with all our affection and respect the assurance of our pain and of our prayers for the souls of your compatriots and for the strength and prosperity of the United States of America.

A firm embrace and, courage and forward!

Gonzalo de Porras



Tribute of Honor

The American Flag


The Italian Flag

of the
Supreme Sacrifice

against the
 Scourge of Terror
(Italian Exarchate in MADRID
see also
Greek-Byzantines in SALENTO, Italy)

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤  


Honor given to the Exarch of The Antilles
of the Orders of 
Saint Constantine the Great
and Saint Helen.
At the Residence of the Exarch
Miami, Florida
Fall 1999

Flag and Coat of Arms of Free Cuba
Flag and Coat of Arms of Free Cuba

H.E. Don Fernando Garcia Mancera, Constantinian Exarch of the Antilles and Dr. Mark A. C. Karras in Miami, Florida.
(Left) H.E. The Exarch of the Antilles, Don Fernando García Mancera,
highly favored Constantinian Knight, receives honors from the House of
Lascaris Comnenus through its Delegate, Dr. Mark Athanasios C. Karras (right).
The Antillean Exarch is a distinguished and erudite Cuban national now resident
in Miami, Florida.  His inspiring motto is:
"CUBA . . . Viva Patria Libre"


¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Reunion of the Order of Saint Eugene of Trebizod
Hotel Wellington
Madrid, Spain
February 24, 2001
Prince Juan Arcadio Lascaris Comnenus with members of the governing body of the Order of Saint Eugene of Trebizond, Madrid, Spain.
(Center) Grand Master of the Order, Dr. Juan Arcadio Lascaris Comnenus.
(Left) Grand Seneschal, Col. Gonzalo de Porras y Rodriguez de León.
(Right) Chancellor of the Exarchate of Spain, Don Fernando Agudo.
(Rear) Chancellor, Toparchy of Catalonia, Don José María Guiteras Bustins.



Mundo Social


Miami, Florida, U.S.A.
Sunday, July 1, 2001


Constitution Square
April, 2001

Royal reception line at the Eugenian Gala in 2001 at the Grande Bretagne Hotel, Athens, Greece.
Receiving line (from the right): Prince Juan Arcadio Lascaris Comnenus,
Princess María Isabel, Princess María Eugenia, Princess Helena Isabel,
Dr. Mark Athanasios Constantine and Lady Evangeline Victoria Karras.


¤ ¤ ¤ ¤


Logo of the Bel Air Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles, California, sponsor of the 'World Community Sunday' in October 2001.


On Sunday, October 7, 2001 Bel Air Presbyterian Church  located at 16221 Mulholland Drive,
Los Angeles, California (
818-788-4200) celebrated once more the meaningful annual event of

World Communion Sunday

The important event is dedicated to Christian Worship and Fellowship and to the cause of understanding, tranquility, and love among the peoples of the world.

 Reverend Dr. Mark A. Brewer,  presiding Pastor, delivered a penetrating message inspired by the sacred words of the Evangelist John: For  God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so that everyone  who believes in Him  may not perish but may have eternal life.  (John 3:16).

On the occasion of the universality of the event  and the multiple presence of various cultures and nationalities, Dr. Mark A. C. Karras was invited  to deliver from the Pulpit the cited Scripture in the original Greek tongue  prior to the commencement of the Sermon.  The Byzantine Flag of the Double-Headed Eagle was displayed in the nave of the Church.  The Flag was also carried in the Processional by bearers in their respective national attire.

Pennant of Byzantium displayed at the Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, California in an international array of other flags.
  The Pennant of Byzantium is draped over the banister in a colorful array
along with others, while the Congregation begins to enter the Church.



 The Byzantine Bicephalous Eagle: Lasting and meaningful symbol of the Greek Church, binding the civil and religious life of that nation.
The Byzantine Bicephalous Eagle
or Double-Headed Eagl0e  is in some form always
in display  at all functions, activities & current events.

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The Marriage of Princess Alexia Lascaris Comnenus to don Carlos Alberto Rodriguez Pena at Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Miami, Florida.

The marriage of Princess ALEXIA LASCARIS COMNENUS 
(Left) Prince Theodore IX Lascaris Comnenus and Princess Gabriela
(Right) Dr. Mark A. C. and Lady Evangeline Karras