Seven Gates to Freedom

Awareness & Consciousness

Book published by NEW BYZANTIUM

 A revealing and penetrating work whose message and art unveil higher levels of human
awareness and consciousness.   Share in the opening of a broader view of life without
losing hold of the physical limits that define it.  Journey into a world of spiritual
 richness through a simple willingness and attitude of the mind.  A lasting
   and refreshing impression upon reading the text is the likely outcome.
Refer to it often  and use the work in  meaningful  and  edifying
conversation with family  and



Expand your awareness and keep your youth while you age:


The book offers a novel opportunity for anyone to take up the challenge. Not only words, but also a colorful illustration [back cover of paperback] helps to convey the book’s message. Use the illustration to help your mind travel through time and space.  Leave waste and gravity behind and enter a bright and spacious world. Start now and we will meet there. Also, if for some reason the illustration generates no message, continue reading the book until you know the greater dimension in yourself.  Take the journey often and feel the comfort of relief. The visual approach affords an easy and quick access at will and enhances your focus. The message conveyed is the true message of Jesus. It is there that he is found. Religious affiliation is not a requirement for reaping a benefit. The key is the universality of the notion. Every person is endowed with an exclusive privilege to rise.  The issue is whether and when one wishes to engage. Neither the art nor the literature is intended to convey anything other than what is explained above. Both are meant as tools for the user’s success. Two ways determine how the illustration is viewed and how the reader may interpret the message.


The best way to explain it is as follows: The viewer may either consider being on the earth and looking out at the surrounding and expanding universe; or, one may consider being at the farthest extreme of the universe and looking down at the earth. In the latter case, it seems as though one looks through the broad end of a cone and sees the earth in the narrow end far below. It is most useful to practice this in-and-out activity in order to achieve an abiding sense of one's place in the universe. The ultimate objective is to accept the experience as part of one's life. It is not a mere intellectual ploy, which only ends in failure. A persistent practice endows the person with a far wider perception of life in terms of time and space. It promotes youthfulness relative to one's current age within a superior and longer expectation of life. The reader is introduced to the several spheres that define the expanding human awareness and consciousness. The supporting notion about the spheres is that universal life is singular and expands in concentric spheres and not as multiple parallel universes. The notion of parallel universes is static, as it describes inertia or repetition of the same life experience.


The book and the illustration describe progression and expansion of awareness, including elevation or ascension. Also discussed is physical gravity [see below] in its subordinate role relative to the far larger creative and sustaining force. The book puts forth a positive constructive message. It highlights the principle that when the human mind assists rather than dominates the soul, the dacay associated with aging slows down, Genes are not always the controlling factor.       



The author penned his work under the dual name of Ayla Hesperia – two  titles of Byzantine  nobility  awarded
him by the House of Lascaris Comnenus of Constantinople for the many years of loyal service to the Orders of
Saint Constantine  the  Great,  Saint Helen Empress,  and Saint  Eugene of Trebizond.  He is also a  clergyman
 ordained within the fold of Eastern Orthodoxy.

Seven Gates to Freedom: Awareness and Consciousness is a book published by New Byzantium. Its philosophical context embraces spiritual views and cosmology in practical terms.
 2008 by Ayla Hesperia. ALL RIGHTS Reserved.

The beautiful and inspiring art piece contained midway in the text is a visual
representation of the book's chief message.  The art in enlarged form, rich in

color and detail, can be acquired by itself or in tandem with the book.


The exquisite art, 'Seven Gates to Freedom,' conveys in colorful form the message of the book with the same title. The image inspires the vision of an expanded life enriched with the promise of hope.


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Mark Athanasios C. Karras, M.A., Ph.D.

(Copyright 1962, 2007, 2008)


“The theory of Expanction states that the physical universe has an inverse relationship with the expansion of human consciousness. It contracts at the rate at which consciousness expands, while human aging slows down and youthfulness persists.”   (See: Seven Gates to Freedom: Awareness and Consciousness, 2008, ISBN 978-0-9815772-0-3.)


·         Relativity theory does not support nor contradict Expanction theory, insofar as Relativity theory is related and confined only to the physical environment.

·         A paradox inherent in Expanction theory is that consciousness itself produces cognizance (awareness) of the physical environment.


NOTE: Expanction is a compound word comprising the words expansion and contraction.


GRAVITY in the context of EXPANCTION
See excerpt below from the book:
“Seven Gates to Freedom: Awareness and Consciousness”
Ayla-Hesperia, [2008] Camarillo, CA, New Byzantium. [ISBN 978-09815772-0-3 (HB)] & [ISBN 978-0-9815772-2-7 (pbk)]


“Let me put it   this way:  From the great source of life came forth bright rays of light that affect the whole universe—all the galaxies.   Some rays reach far and others close.   Their outer tips express life: the life commencing at the source.  These rays are all one but yet apart.  Their energy flows forward to the extreme ends as they reach out to assert that which the source is.  This outpouring of vital power gathers forcefully at the end of the rays and hurls itself into a ball of energy.   The great momentum appears to detach it from the source, though it stays magnetically linked to the source.  A star is thus born and it is called a soul.  It is purity, it is energy, it is wisdom.  The activity leaves its residual that is the waste or byproduct of a divine alchemy, which pulsates and hurls outward, not dead but live and in motion.  It too remains attached and strives to draw near to the center of light.  It is a variant, a remnant of the pure.  And it is called matter.


Gravity is a direct physical experience for human beings and thus free of their need to recognize it in theoretical terms. Its understanding, of course, is credited to Sir Isaac Newton who opened the way for its practical use and manipulation in benefit of humanity. The theory of Expanction, however, contends that gravity is not understood in its full nature.

 The normal experience of gravity is short of the total presence and influence of transcendental Gravity. Based on the book excerpt cited above, consciousness needs to recognize the expanded level within which ordinary gravity exists. The superior Gravity is the constant attraction of matter and all existence toward the origin of creation. The normal experience of gravity is only a tug or a pull in the opposite direction; and is caused by the initial outward thrust of creation as described in the above excerpt. An ability to nullify the pull of the common or negative gravity allows the major Gravity to function unimpeded.

 Acceptance, identity with, and assimilation of major Gravity promotes expansion of awareness and consciousness. This active acceptance and conviction contradicts the pull of the lesser gravity, which condemns the individual to excessive effort and waste of energy, causing accelerated physical aging. However, acceptance is not a panacea for immortality: it is only postponement of more rapid human physical and mental decay. Complete immersion in major Gravity is transcendental beyond the limits of physical dimension and time and of narrow spiritual attainment.

The notion that the universe is in a state of constant expansion is analogous to the long-held belief that the earth was flat or that it was the center of the universe. Scientific measurements are based on observations that at times are subject to misconceptions or illusions. The earth was perceived as flat only because the horizon always appeared to come to an abrupt ending. Or, it appeared as the center of the universe only because celestial bodies seemed to rotate around it.

For the same reason, the universe may appear to be expanding, when otherwise it is being absorbed into a larger environment at an accelerated rate of speed. This activity is the result of a much larger gravitational force emanating from the creative origin. To advocate an edge to the universe expanding into infinite empty space is as sophomoric a notion as the one about empty space at the edge of the earth.

The multiverse universe notion fails to include the fact that the infinite manifestations of the multiple universes will always coincide with the identical manifestations of all such universes. The result is that since all manifestations will always coincide by reason of statistical probability, only one actual manifestation occurs.

The position of expanction theory is that the universe does not progress in horizontal but in vertical fashion; drawn into its nuclear creative origin through the all-encompassing prevailing gravitational pull.

Multiverse universe observations, therefore, are illusions of multiplicity even in terms of quantum mechanics.        

Furthermore, it is not enough to know that E=mc2 (energy equals mass times the velocity of light squared).

The pressing question is: Why?

Insight of how this happens explains why:

Expanction theory identifies two distinct forces of gravity: One is the hurling away force from the creative origin; and the other is the pulling-back force to that same origin. The former is exhaustible, while the latter is permanent until all is returned unto itself. The balance of these two interactive gravities forms the existence of the known universe. 

The tension exerted while both forces are active is energy that is the balance between the velocity of mass hurling away from the origin and the attraction of the mass back to the origin. A disruption of this balance tends toward the destruction of the order in the universe. Acceleration of motion of mass is contrary to outward gravity and a disturbance to the balance. This, for example, demonstrates why humans cannot tolerate prolonged exposure to weightlessness. Either direction of deviation from the established balance is destructive of the material universe.

Black energy and its impact is a basic manifestation of  transcendental (superior, major, primary) Gravity at work. All matter, including common (negative) gravity, will be drawn in and assimilated into a broader form of existence and of heightened human awareness.


Substance vs. Notion:
Fallacy of the

Spatial Four–Dimensional Grid

and of the

Two–Dimensional Holographic Projection
Mark Athanasios C. Karras, Ph.D.

Light travels on the wings of gravity.


The issue is substance versus fantasy: Whereas, gravity is empirical, dimension is conceptual.  Light is a manifestation within the function of gravity.  The process of Creation begins with gravity and evolves into a content of light, space, velocity, and mass.  First is the firmament (the created heaven and earth) and then there is light.*  Gravity and light are synchronous, because light depends on the presence of gravity upon which to ride.  In the absence of gravity, light is nonexistent.  In the absence of light, gravity persists.

The notion of spatial dimension is the visualization of gravity’s function: it is not a force of cohesiveness.  The devised four-dimensional grid is only a descriptive map across the body of the gravitational presence.  It is not a force that sustains the cohesiveness of the system and of its individual parts.

Therefore, it is not the ripple effect of the dimensional grid-work that will jettison the earth into space when the sun collapses. It is instead the loss of gravity.  The cohesive force that holds the universe in place is central and emanates from the source—the creative locus.  Description of the force does not constitute the force.  (Refer to the book by this author under the pseudonym, Ayla-Hesperia, [2008]. Seven Gates to Freedom, Awareness and Consciousness. Camarillo, CA, New Byzantium. (ISBN 978-09815772-1-0).

  It defies reason and it is unacceptable to discard the understanding of gravity as the paramount cohesive force of the universe: when this is done in support of the notion that spatial bodies bounce around at will on a rubber-like four-dimension conceptual trampoline.  It is poetry not fact, which gives license for different, bolder ways to explain what is at play.  Gravity is and remains the single motivating force attracting all creation toward the origin.  Time, velocity, space, mass are all elements dependent on and attached to gravity—the ultimate constant energy-beyond this force emanating from the origin.  Furthermore, the concept becomes more arduous when contemplating a sort of alien intelligence . . .  folding the imaginary grid structure to bring closer two distant points in the universe.  The focus should be on the dominance and manipulation of gravity.  Nevertheless, the grid serves as a multidimensional universal map.

There is a fallacy in the notion of holographic projection perceived as a three-dimensional reality. The error results from the premise that the three-dimensional reality itself is employed to prove that the three-dimensional reality does not exist. The problem is that in order to understand a two-dimensional holographic plane, a threee-dimensional presence is needed first. So, if a three-dimensional existence is the prerequisite for awareness of a two-dimensional existence, the two-dimensional notion becomes meaningless. It is important to understand where the fundamental references reside. Crypto-currencies, for example, rely on gold to determine their value. Gold does not rely on crypto-currencies. Neither the earth, nor the perception of reality form a central reference, which can help comprehend that reality. Both can only be accepted and taken for granted. A larger comprehension is necessary beyond the accepted level of reality -- and it is forthcoming in the next sphere of awareness, not referenced in current material terms (see, Seven Gates to Freedom, Awareness and Consciousness).

* Gene 1:1 (KJS).  In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.  2  And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.  3  And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. . . .         [Emphasis added]

Copyright ©2011, Mark Athanasios C. Karras, All rights reserve

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